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The Top 10 + Aspartame Symptoms

The Top 10+ Aspartame Symptoms February 27, 2014 by Janet Hull PhD, CN Headaches and dizziness are some of the most common reactions to aspartame. Have you ever gone to your doctor with mysterious health symptoms that keep popping up out of the blue? Over time, they just don’t go awa ...
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Common Misconceptions About Concussions May Hinder Treatment

Carrick Brain Centers   Concussions are traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) that result from a bump or blow to the head and can also occur during a fall or impact that violently shakes the head and body. While most people who suffer concussions can expect a full recovery, some patients experi ...
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Facts Everyone Needs to Know About Concussions

Everyone has heard of concussions before, and many can say that they’ve been diagnosed with one at some point in their life. Unfortunately, concussions can oftentimes go unnoticed and be misdiagnosed as a terrible migraine. This can happen because the general public is not educated enough when it ...
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The Role Stress Plays In Chronic Pain

The Role Stress Plays In Chronic Pain Tuesday 26 February 2013 - 1am PST Pain / Anesthetics Anxiety / Stress Back Pain email Add your rating Current ratings for: The Role Stress Plays In Chronic Pain Health Professionals:      Public / Patient ...
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Birth ‘prepares baby’s brain for development’

Birth 'prepares baby's brain for development' Saturday 19 October 2013 - 12am PST Neurology / Neuroscience Pregnancy / Obstetrics email Featured ArticleAcademic Journal Add your rating Current ratings for: Birth 'prepares baby's brain for development' Healt ...
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P300 Wave Changes in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Acta Inform Med. 2013; 21(3): 205–207. Published online 2013 September. doi:  10.5455/aim.2013.21.205-207 PMCID: PMC3804499 P300 Wave Changes in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis Nikolina Ivica,1 Marina Titlic,2 and Sanda Pavelin2 Author information ► Article notes ► Copyrig ...
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Do Cytokines Really Sing the Blues?

Do Cytokines Really Sing the Blues? By Charles L. Raison and Andrew H. Miller August 01, 2013 Editor’s Note: The World Health Organization predicts that depression, which already affects about 10 percent of the population in the United States, will be the world’s leadi ...
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Sodas and Behavior

By Andrew M. Seaman NEW YORK | Fri Aug 16, 2013 12:19am EDT (Reuters Health) - Children who drink soda tend to score slightly higher on scales that measure aggressive behavior than kids who don't drink the carbonated beverages, according to a new study. The study's lead author caution ...
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Dementia Causes and Treatment

Dementia is not a disease. It refers to a specific set of symptoms that affect social and intellectual abilities enough that they interfere with daily functioning. These symptoms, which can include memory loss, mood changes and problems with reasoning and communication, are generally caused by disor ...
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An Overview of the Vestibular System

The vestibular system is key in regulating and maintaining balance – and a major focus of many of the therapy and treatment options we use here at Brain Synergy Institute. Because the vestibular system is directly involved with so many aspects of balance, coordination, and an overall sense of well ...
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Concussion Symptom Brain Injury Dallas Case Study

Subject: Guy is a 44 year-old male. He has a non-cancerous tumor that was affecting his hearing on both sides, his balance was below normal, having concussion-like symptoms after 14 days of the incident, and chronic neck pain. Background: Guy, a retired UFC and martial arts champion, is no stra ...
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