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Neurogenic Cardiovascular Disorders



Many people suffer from a variety of cardiovascular related disorders. The first order of business is to make sure that there is no inherent problem with the heart or other cardiovascular structures. However, the heart and cardiovascular system is highly regulated by the nervous system. This would make sense because the demands on our bodies that require fuel (blood) vary greatly with our everyday activities. Therefore, we need a tight control over the cardiovascular system to meet those demands. It is reasonable to assume that if there are problems within the nervous system, we may also end up with problems in the cardiovascular system. If this is the case, a proper neurological assessment is also indicated and valuable with ongoing cardiovascular problems. A skilled Functional Neurologist will perform a comprehensive history and examination that will indicate whether or not the nervous system is part of or generating any problems with cardiovascular function. This information will then be used to help design appropriate treatment recommendations in order to correct those problems

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