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Neuroendocrine (Hormonal) Disorders




A Complex system of interaction exists between the human brain and regulation of our hormones. Conditions such as hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, and adrenal fatigue can have devastating effects on the human nervous system. More importantly, problems with the human nervous system can also have significant effects on these disorders as well. In addition, the Immunological systems are also highly interactive with the Nervous system and Endocrine system. Therefore, it is important to assess all of these systems together in cases of Neuroendocrine disorders. FUNCTIONAL NEUROLOGY holds the key to addressing problems with these disorders. In cases of problems with Neuroendocrine function, a skilled Functional Neurologist will perform a comprehensive history and examination that will indicate where problems may exist within these systems. Based on this information, an appropriate treatment can be developed to help with these disorders. In addition, any other factors that might be affecting these conditions such as diabetes, anemia, inflammation, etc. will be addressed as the neurological systems are dependent on an appropriately functioning biochemical system to function properly.

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