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Headaches are one of the most common conditions for which an individual will go to see his/her doctor. Most of us are familiar with many of the classification of headaches; Tension, Migraine, Cluster, etc. While these are legitimate ways in which to name headaches, oftentimes individuals are misdiagnosed as having a type of headache, and subsequently, the treatment they receive is not as effective as it should be. In many ways this is not the fault of the doctor as there is much overlap that occurs with different types of headaches, and the presentation may look like one type when it is another or even a combination of headaches. The diagnosis of headaches is a murky area that’s difficult to pinpoint. The reason for this is that the physiology, or systems, of headaches is really quite complex and research is still trying to determine what is actually happening when headaches occur. It’s the understanding of this physiology which gives a doctor his/her best ability to help a headache sufferer. Functional Neurology offers the best ability to assess this physiological function as well as any possible pathology that might be a part of having a headache condition. In cases of problems with headaches, a skilled Functional Neurologist will be able to perform a comprehensive history and examination that will lead to where within this complex system problems might exist that are creating or promoting the headache. Based on this information, appropriate treatment can be developed for each individual headache sufferer. In addition, any other factors that might be affecting these conditions such as diabetes, anemia, inflammation, etc. will be addressed as the neurological systems are dependent on an appropriately functioning biochemical system to operate properly.

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