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Balance Disorders









Problems with balance and vertigo are some of the most disconcerting and dangerous conditions from which an individual can suffer. Not only is the feeling of movement or being off balance frightening, but it can also lead to potential falls that can be both injurious and life threatening. These conditions can be caused by any number of problem areas within the nervous system and can be generated by any number of outside factors, i.e., trauma, toxicity to infection, toxicity to medications, stress, inactivity, etc. Due to the complexity of these disorders, many individuals suffer with them for a long time without getting any real help. Functional Neurology may hold the key in helping to identify and treat balance disorders. In cases of problems with balance disorders, a skilled Functional Neurologist will perform a comprehensive history and examination that will help determine where problems may exist that would cause a balance disorder or make it worse. Based on this information, appropriate treatment measures can be developed to treat an individual with a balance disorder. In addition, any other factors that might be affecting these conditions such as diabetes, anemia, inflammation, etc. will be addressed as the neurological systems are dependent on an appropriately functioning biochemical system to operate properly.

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