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Concussion Symptom Brain Injury Dallas Case Study

Subject: Guy is a 44 year-old male. He has a non-cancerous tumor that was affecting his hearing on both sides, his balance was below normal, having concussion-like symptoms after 14 days of the incident, and chronic neck pain.

Background: Guy, a retired UFC and martial arts champion, is no stranger to the battlefield. He takes great pride in how efforts over the years have paved the way to his successful and star-studded career. After 17 years of elite combat fighting, Guy realized that his repetitive head injuries began to take a toll on his balance and stability in poor light environments. Guy was diagnosed with slow-growing tumor of the nerve that connects the ear to the brain — this gave him a complete loss of hearing on the left side and problems with his balance. Over the last year Guy’s balance was increasingly getting worse, to the point of being at a severe risk for falling.

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