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Alternative Practitioners

DSC_0045How can Stangel Chiropractic Neurology benefit Alternative Health Care Practioners?

 Dr. Stangel has extensive experience working with many Alternative Practitioners ranging from Naturopaths, Functional Medicine Practitioners, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Oriental Medicine Practitioners, etc. At Stangel Functional Neurology, our philosophy is to try and identify the appropriate course of treatment for our patients. Addressing neurological function often allows other forms of treatment delivered by Alternative Practitioners to work more effectively. Although there is much that we can do to help our patients, invariably, there are many occasions in which another form of treatment may be what is appropriate for that patient’s condition. Dr. Stangel has had much success, to the benefit of the patient, in working with other practitioners concurrently in a variety of conditions. Stangel Functional Neurology offers Alternative Practitioners the ability to utilize our services in whatever capacity they choose.

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