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Dr. Tom and Dr. Carrick

Dr. Carrick / Dr. Stangel

I would like to take this moment to dedicate this site and Stangel Functional Neurology to Professor Ted Carrick. I’ve been fortunate to attend many educational seminars in my career, and in the process, have been blessed to listen to some of the top medical researchers in the world. I can unequivocally say that Dr. Carrick’s vision, dedication, and brilliance is unsurpassed by even these great doctors. Professor Carrick is, essentially, the father of Functional Neurology, and all of us who’ve trained with him and his institute owe him our gratitude for the great gift he has given us; to be able to serve humankind at the highest level of health care excellence that exists. Dr. Carrick has taken the study and application of neurology and expanded into areas of health care never accomplished prior. He established the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies in order to train other practitioners to bring his gift to the many people suffering with the health problems in need of this type of care. This unique approach to neurology can be applied to many different kinds of health care problems, many of which are listed in this website. Thank you Professor Carrick for all you have done for me, my family, and humankind.

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